Why Is Mr. Beast So Successful?

Mr. Beast was only a youngster when he decided youtube was going to be his thing. Years after, he is one of the top creators on the platform. And for a long time, he has produced results that are simply amazing. While his success has not yet been replicated, he seems to have a very good understanding of what his audience wants, and what the algorithm wants and he has mastered the art of combining both to make great videos.

His videos typically take long hours over weeks to make for this reason. He likes to do everything in a real way as much as possible. This means scripting every single piece, twist, and turn of his videos. This kind of detail allows him to use his incredible understanding of youtube psychology to make every scene make the viewer want to keep watching. Unlike other creators who make extremely long videos without much detail, Mr. Beast seeks to give as much detail right from the start and make the video as short as necessary. Nothing more than necessity. And it works. Scripting videos is a great way to add some level of intentionality to your videos. Instead of sitting down to hit record, then going blank, adding a script or outline to the video you are about to make can help yu add the necessary plot twists, pattern interrupts, and other interesting things that make the video great.

You may say, hey, his videos are acted out. Fair enough. Big YouTubers like MrWhoseTheBoss have used similar ways of making videos and it has worked for them. MKBHD even adopted similar tactics and his views are skyrocketing more than ever.

Before you make your next YouTube video, sit down to think about what you can do to make the video much better and more enjoyable. YouTube is entertainment, and you must find a way to make your content entertaining no matter the topic. Period.

I write scripts for YouTubers and brands. Over the past year alone, I have helped more than 100 YouTubers script and create videos that their audiences love. Read my guide to youtube script writing here, or leave me a message over on Fiverr where I offer my service exclusively for cheap!



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