Which Types of Content can I Write?

When it comes to content marketing, there are lots of content types you can write. I will cover some of the most popular ones here. It helps to know a combination of one or two of these as a writer. Copywriting, in general, requires a sales mentality while content writing typically are informational in nature. Let’s roll.

  • Articles & Blog Posts: These are the content we read every day from blogs. However, blog posts tend to be more personal and shorter compared to articles that could be a long-form guide, etc.
  • Video Scripts: Talk of product videos, youtube videos, explainer videos, and more.
  • Website Content (Copy): When a website is being developed or programmed, there are some placeholders usually left out for text to be added. It is important that such information is carefully written by a professional who understands the product/service and the audience, knowledge which helps the writer craft the perfect messaging for the client and their audience.
  • Email Copy: Email copy could be sales or simple conversational/informational. In most cases, the main objective is for sales so this kind of content falls in line with copywriting. Some clients may want just one email while others may request a drip kind of email sequence where several emails work together through the use of many techniques like storytelling to get sales.
  • Sales Copy: This is sales copy in general. You can easily find sales copy on landing pages and other pages meant to sell a product or service. The singular objective here is always to sell so keep that in mind.
  • Social Media Posts: Social media content is a huge market and many individuals and businesses need people to write their posts for them. It includes writing the content to be designed into graphics and writing the captions. It’s best you have design skills, you could take up jobs as a social media manager and get paid more instead of doing only the writing.
  • Podcast Scripts: Some podcasts are not scripted, but others are scripted and some producers and podcast creators pay for scripts. This said, most of them are lose scripts and may only serve as a guideline to the conversation, questions to ask when to ask, the key topics to cover, timelines and basically a skeleton of the real podcast. But if it is a one-man podcast, you may have to do the visual description (for youtube) as well as the script itself for what the presenter will say. In this case, you could have a word-for-word script that they can use.
  • Technical Writing: Technical writing involves some technical aspects of certain niches, like engineering, and technical content like business plans, marketing research, white papers, press releases, and more. They are typically long-form, involve a lot of niche knowledge, and require an expert in the field, though anyone with good research skills could also produce good technical content.

I hope this does help and that I covered all. If I didn’t I might add them as and when I find them. Thanks for reading. You can read more of me here or hire me.




Digital Markter | GM, Alien Media | Founder, Wordinspired

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Kabange W. Enoch

Kabange W. Enoch

Digital Markter | GM, Alien Media | Founder, Wordinspired

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