What matters ranks high, what ranks high gets done!

I've always walked with this philosophy in mind, if it matters and ranks high in your priorities, you'll do what it takes. If it doesn't, you'll say whatever you have to say to excuse yourself.

It is for this reason people marry and the marriage changes them. The marriage matters to them so they change in order to make it happen and to work ultimately. People also change when they engage in things that rank high in their priorities. It's that simple but difficult to live by.

Life is full of so many tricks designed to stir our hearts and minds away from what we claim we want.

It is for this reason so many people yearn for success yet 90% of the world's resources are controlled by 10% of the world's population. What we want isn't always what we get but rather, what we work for we are highly likely to get. The truth is, people even work hard for something they want yet don't get them. How's that even possible? The battle isn't always for the largest army or the most advanced.

We all yearn for lots of things but yet do not get to possess or achieve simply because we make it excuses for why we don't Deserve it, cannot achieve it or anything we can make up to give out the responsibility of acting and achieving what we want.

The world doesnt work by desires, wants or needs. The world works by Laws. The Universal Laws of Success as Brian Tracy calls them.

These laws of success outline what exactly you need to do to get what you want. Therefore, the battle victory belongs to those who are so driven enough to follow these laws to the end. You may desire it, but if the desire doesn't drive you to such lengths, then you aren't going to achieve it.

If it's a priority and matters, then it has a very high ranking in your personal life. This means it's your personal mission to oversee it's execution, and it's success depends on you because it's your personal success.

One of our modern tragedies is that, most people lack a personal mission and vision. In Times past, each person knew their mission. If you were born in certain families, you knew what your job and mission was for the rest of your life. If you got into the army, your mission was to fight battles for the rest of your life. If your family was one devoted to making tools it was your life's work to create objects and battle weapons. Such was life.

The modern man comes into a world with so many choices which makes it difficult to choose. Eventhough it's a good thing to do, often if not guided, we can make all the wrong choices and end up disappoints and failures.

It all boils down to what our society priorities. It’s trend now to be rich, so lots of folk will do anything to become rich.

True priorities lie in a die hard purpose to serve humanity in a useful way no matter how small.

So what's your priority and what are you trying to achieve?

What's your mission? What drives you?

Is it enough to put you through the hard moments?

Will it give you the will to follow the laws of success?

Because although they’re simple, they aren’t easy to follow but your success is guaranteed if you do follow them.

Set your priorities right. What do you value?
Family? Relationship? Living a meaningful life? Making change happen?

These are the questions many of us don't answer and hence live a "Good life" in quiet misery.

Rethink, Act, Be the change you want to see.

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