How to Replicate Mr. Beast’s Success

Watching his many interviews on YouTube content creation, MrBeast has consistently mentioned “Best Video on YouTube” so many times that it is obvious that his aim with each video is to make it the best video on the platform. In simple terms, MrBeast is obsessed with YouTube. This has led him to study all he can about YouTube psychology, the algorithm, what people want and how to make videos that meet all of the criteria for a great video. He has some pretty made pretty incredible videos that allow him to learn and grow.

He learned quickly that the world of YouTube is not like any other, so he made his only study. He has studied how things work for so long that he can now turn any channel and video into a success.

This demonstrates the level of intentionality that goes into his videos. He leaves nothing to chance. After watching his Squid Game video, I watched a behind the scenes and you could see the sheer amount of work that went into it. The setup alone was enough to create a real movie. Anyway, my main piece of advice here is to be intentional about your YouTube business, intentional about how you make videos and whatever you do, study youtube videos. You can achieve intentionality by scripting every video you make. But you need to know what you are doing to come up with a good script that translates into a great video. To get the YouTube sixth sense, watch top creators, watch the videos in slow-mo, view them second by second and take notes about what they are saying, the time in the video, how the editing is done, and basically seek to understand all the variable that go into each second and why. Such granular understanding of why videos go viral will soon have you being the next MrBeast! Read my full article on how MrBeast makes money!



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